Eric Whitacre's rock 'n' roll Christmas music

Channelling the power of rock music and the beauty of Christmas carols, Eric Whitacre shared his visions for 2013 with Jamie Crick.

Eric Whitacre at Classic Fm

There are only a handful of classical composers who can boast of attending a U2 concert in the 1980s, and fewer still who use that experience to inspire their compositions. But rockstar-turned-composer Eric Whitacre shared the unlikely inspirations behind his gorgeous music.

"I have this need to have a communal experience for everybody in the room," he said. "I began as a rocker in high school, but I remember going to these amazing arena concerts - U2 in 1987 - and having that kind of experience. 60,000 all singing at the same time, and I would love to find that kind of spirit in the classical world."

Anyone expecting rock-inspired music will be somewhat surprised by Eric's upcoming Christmas concert in London, where he's arranged a new version of Silent Night. He told Jamie Crick about the pressures of re-composing such a well-loved Christmas piece.

Eric Whitacre and Jamie Crick


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