Herrmann versus Polverelli in Vivaldi battle

German soprano Anke Herrmann and Italian mezzo soprano Laura Polverelli alternate four-movement motets by Vivaldi

Composer: Vivaldi
Repertoire: Mottetti
Artists: Anke Herrmann (soprano), Laura Polverelli (mezzo soprano), Academia Montis Regalis/De Marchi
Rating: 3/5
Genre: Vocal/Orchestral
Label: Opus 111 OP30340

Each motet ends with an untitled allegro or presto of dazzling, wantonly florid alleluias. Herrmann has a bright but brittle voice, sometimes sparse of tone. Her largo in the O qui coeli is intensely passionate. Polverelli has a voluptuous mezzo soprano voice whose recitativo is delightfully conversational.


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