Who was Verdi?

Find out more about Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi and his love of vocal music.

In his 30s, Verdi had made enough money to settle down. Find out where, and with whom!

Discover the two Verdi masterpieces that were written after a nineteen year compositional hiatus.

Classic FM's John Brunning narrates our animated Fast and Friendly Guide to Verdi below.

Verdi: Fast and Friendly Guide

La Boheme at the Royal Opera House Opera: where to start

Let us show you where to start with opera - what to listen out for, which composers to seek out and whether to bring your opera glasses…

Giuseppe Verdi Verdi: An Appreciation

Giuseppe Verdi, composer of Nabucco and Aida, was an inspired tunesmith who took opera by storm with a stream of hit titles.

Giuseppe Verdi Verdi's Curse Of The Evil Eye

When his new opera was staged in superstitious Naples, Verdi found himself surrounded by overzealous protectors. But could they protect him from the Curse Of The Eye?

Requiem How To Buy Verdi's Requiem

Verdi's Requiem is an emotional, powerful and heartfelt work makes a rich addition to classical music’s requiem collection and is favoured by conductors and performers alike.


Giuseppe Verdi Giuseppe Verdi

Discover Verdi: full biography, news, features and music to play and download.