Shimomura biography

yoko shimomura

With over twenty years composing for games, Yoko Shimomura is best known for her work on the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

Life and Music

  • Born in 1967, Shimomura graduated from the Osaka College of Music in 1988.
  • She worked for Capcom, composing the soundtracks to some of the most iconic games to date including Street Figher II.
  • Composed game soundtracks for Square (now Square Enix) between 1993 and 2002, writing the score to Kingdom Hearts as her final score before leaving to become freelance.
  • Shimomura lists Beethoven, Chopin and Ravel as influences on her work, and is regarded as the ‘most well known female video game composer in the world’.
  • It's not just video scores she composers: she released her first non-video game album, ‘Murmur’, in 2007.
  • Shimomura continues to write scores for games, including forthcoming work on the latest Kingdom Hearts sequel.

Did you know?

Shimomura said that she takes inspiration from things that move her emotionally, often while doing things outside day-to-day life.