Avison's Scarlatti stylishly delivered

A fine exploration of Avison's under-explored legacy and his masterful reworkings of Domenico Scarlatti's existing works.

Composer: Avison/Scarlatti
Twelve Concerti Grossi
Avison Ensemble
Divine Art DDA21213

In the unlikely surroundings of 18th-century Newcastle, local musical entrepreneur Charles Avison made a name for himself with his Baroque string concertos, including this collection based on existing works (some of them now lost) by Italy’s Domenico Scarlatti. While rather short-changing the fiery vibrancy of Scarlatti’s brilliant harpsichord writing, Avison’s arrangements and re-workings are never less than engaging and stylish. However, the real trump card is the quality with which they’re played here. Under leader-director Pavlo Beznosiuk, springy rhythms combine with a lovely, pliable way with the music’s pacing and phrasing.

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