Watch adorable five-year-old Evan Le flawlessly perform Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 8

25 July 2016, 15:21

Toddler Evan Le has only been learning the piano for less than a year, but can already smash out virtuosic concertos from memory.

Are you ready to feel inadequate? Evan Le is only five, but is already charming audiences with his performance of this Mozart piano concerto, even writing his own complex candenzas for the piece.

Evan is not from a musical family, but has shown a pure instinct for music performance and composition. At the age of three he would listen to nursery rhymes and pick them out on a toy keyboard, and by four it was clear he had perfect pitch and an uncanny knack for memorising complex piano pieces. He has already featured on the NBC talent show Little Big Shots.

Concerto No. 8 was written by Mozart in 1776 for the Countess Antonia Lutzow, a fine pianist in her day. It requires high agility, and Mozart often used it for his own teaching.

Watch Evan Le play here:

Though he is obviously a future piano superstar Evan’s main passion is composing his own masterpieces, which have already amazed his teachers. Evan Le is a name to remember for the future - but for now you can see him perform greats such as Bach, Beethoven and Clementi on his Facebook page.

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