Mozart's Bassoon Concerto played with helium sounds wonderfully terrible

The wonderful, lyrical opening to the composer's concerto K191, with a lungful full of helium. It sounds incredible...

Andrew Wojo bassoon helium

Over the last few weeks we've been asking our woodwind-playing followers to find a helium balloon and bust out their Mozart scores, with invariably hilarious results.

So after clarinet, oboe and flute, we were after lower wind - and bassoonist Andrew Wojo has very kindly stepped up for us. (Reminder: helium is lighter than air, and this the sound waves as it passes through your larynx, or, indeed, your woodwind instrument.)

And the result for the bassoon is spectacular: 


Mozart's Bassoon Concerto... on helium

This is what happens when you inhale helium before playing a Mozart Bassoon concerto.



Thanks, Andrew! 

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