James Hannigan talks Game Music Connect and the state of the genre

3 September 2013, 14:20

Game Music Connect is due to hit London's South Bank Centre next week, so the man behind it, James Hannigan, popped in to talk to us about it.

Video game music has come of age - and to prove it, a brand new conference to celebrate and engage with the medium will be coming to London. James Hannigan, one of the composers behind Game Music Connect, told Classic FM's Lucy Coward all about it.

Taking place on September 9th in the Purcell Room at the South Bank Centre, the day-long event will feature guest speakers from the games music world - composers Jason Graves, Jesper Kyd and Hannigan himself, as well as producers, directors and other game industry experts.

Hannigan also talks about his music for RuneScape 3, an epic online game that could literally take a lifetime to finish - a challenge for anyone attempting to compose a soundtrack. Oh, and a little something about music for Star Wars games, too…

Games Music Connect takes place on Monday 9th September in London - more details can be found here. You can hear a selection of James Hannigan's orchestral music below.

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