James Hannigan biography

James Hannigan

James Hannigan (born July 23rd 1971) is a BAFTA-winning composer for video games and television soundtracks, as well as being co-founder of the Game Music Connect conference.

  • Hannigan was born on July 23rd 1971 in Buckinghamshire.
  • Early in his career, he was a staff composer at Electronic Arts, where he completed scores for video games including Theme Park World and Space Hulk.
  • He later worked on game franchises including Command & Conquer, Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings and Warhammer.
  • Among Hannigan's biggest soundtrack successes is the music for Runescape 3, a huge online-based role-playing game. 
  • Along with fellow composer and industry commentator John Broomhall, Hannigan founded Game Music Connect, an annual conference for aspiring video game composers and enthusiasts.



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