A colossal orchestra of 7,500 musicians just played Dvorak, and this is what it sounded like

11 July 2016, 12:23

The world has its largest orchestra: here's the record-breaking symphonic cacophony from the Commerzbank Arena stadium in Frankfurt.

On Saturday, 7,548 musicians assembled in a Frankfurt sports stadium to smash the world record for largest musical ensemble.

The mastermind of the event, trumpeter Jens Illemann said, "we wanted to show how music can connect people, and how important it is for Germany." 

The orchestra performed the 9th symphonies of Dvorak and Beethoven, as well as lighter numbers by Andrew Lloyd Webber and pop music composer John Miles.

And here's what it sounded like: 

And some footage taken by one of the players:

The record-breaking ensemble was a couple full symphony orchestras larger than the previous holders, set at the Queensland Music Festival in Australian back in 2013.