Antonin Dvořák's music by genre

A breakdown of Antonin Dvořák's compositions by musical category - listen to his amazing orchestral music, songs, and chamber works.

Antonin Dvorak

Orchestral 22%

■ A gifted orchestrator with a natural feel for the string section, Dvořák was responsible for some of the finest symphonies, tone poems and overtures of the Romantic era.

Chamber 24%

■ Of the 19th-century masters, only Brahms can compare with the quality and quantity of Dvořák’s chamber music, which includes no fewer than 14 string quartets.

Solo Piano 9%

■ Dvořák was not a natural keyboard player, so his piano writing can be a little awkward at times, although he composed some highly attractive miniatures along the way.

Choral 12%

■ Still a comparatively neglected area of Dvořák’s output, which includes a Requiem, Te Deum, Stabat Mater, a Mass, the Oratorio St Ludmilla and The Spectre’s Bride.

Songs 7%

■ Dvořák composed over 100 songs and duets, many of which possess a delightful folkish quality.

Stage 26%

■ In addition to the famous Song To The Moon from Rusalka, there is buried operatic treasure waiting to be discovered in Dimitrij, Kate And The Devil and Armida.


Antonin Dvorak Antonin Dvořák

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