Ludovic Bource


Ludovic Bource, composer of The Artist

Ludovic Bource is a French composer best known for his work on the award-winning silent film The Artist.

  • Hailing from Bretagne, France, Bource received his first musical instrument, an accordian, at 8 years old. He would entertain his local village with performances on it.
  • Bource studied at the Saint Brieuc piano school and went on to the prestigious Parisian Jazz School and stated from an early age that his goal was to compose.
  • He began composing by working on French hip hop albums but moved into film scoring after becoming inspired by Murnau’s cinema.
  • He worked across music for commercials and went on to scoring short films like Mes amis, En attendant, Spartacus and Sirene Song.
  • After working on Mes Amis, Bource began a strong friendship with Michel Hazanavicius and this friendship saw him score a number of films for him such as OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies, OSS117: Lost in Rio the award winning film, The Artist.
  • Working on the score for The Artist saw Bource win a number of awards such as an Academy Award for best music, a Golden Globe, and a Golden Star.

Did you know?
Whilst scoring The Artist Bource took inspiration from a number of musical interludes used in Hitchcock films.



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