Charity fun run aims to Beat Beethoven

The Beat Beethoven Fun Run will challenge participants to run a certain distance in the time it takes to play Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.

beat beethoven fun run charity

A new charity fun run at Stirling University in Scotland will challenge runners and walkers to Beat Beethoven by either running 5k or walking 2.7k in the time it takes for Beethoven's Fifth Symphony to be played (roughly 34 minutes, depending on the recording).

The event is raising money for the Children's Hospice Association Scotland and Parkinson's UK. Every participant will receive a medal, but those who do manage to Beat Beethoven will be given a special commemorative certificate.

The run itself will take place in the grounds of Stirling University on Sunday 21st October at 11am.

You can find out more about entering the fun run by visiting the Beat Beethoven website, and you can catch up on the latest news by going to the Facebook page as well.

Listen to the whole 5th symphony