'Bus Station Sonata' gets public playing Beethoven

Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata has been given a radical new treatment - it has been performed by passing members of the public in a Newcastle bus station.

bus station sonata beethoven moonlight

Members of the public in a Newcastle bus station have contributed to a performance of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata with a difference. Funded by The Arts Council of England and led by pianist Andy Jackson, it shows members of the public in a Newcastle bus station playing the melody from the sonata alongside Jackson.

Most of the participants in the innovative video production had never played a keyboard before. The concept was to encourage music-making amongst the public, with each volunteer contributing a few notes to the melody, which is edited together for the full piece.

The director and provider of the concept, Anton Hecht, commented: "It was a great day, even though I was really worried how it would go. I was amazed how up for it people were. Thanks to everyone."

Technical challenges in staging the idea included getting a baby grand piano into the Haymarket bus station in Newcastle. Hecht confirmed on the YouTube page for the video that another similar project has been filmed in Cardiff.

See the 'Bus Station Sonata'