This absolutely epic Beethoven 9 flashmob is still the greatest

Beethoven's Ode to Joy as you've never seen it before, all on the streets of a beautiful Catalan town.

Everyone loves a bit of unexpected classical music. Choral and orchestral flashmobs have thrilled thousands around the world, but we reckon this one, which took place in set the Spanish city of Sabadell, takes the cake.

It all begins with a solo double bass posing as a busker, slowly bowing Beethoven's famous hymnal melody. We'll leave it to the musicians involved to tell the rest of the story (and it's no spoiler to say that there's over 100 of them).

What's the moral here? If you're in Catalonia and see a lone, smartly dressed double bassist, always drop him a few coins.

And if that puts you in the mood for a bit more surprise music in public spaces, we've selected a few more of our favourites here. Try to act surprised.

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