A five-star performance from Gluzman

Hugely talented violinist Vadim Gluzman dominates this emotional recording of unusual works by Bernstein, Bloch and Barber

Composer:  Bernstein, Bloch, Barber
Repertoire: Violin Works
Artists: Vadim Gluzman (vln), São Paulo SO/Neschling
Rating:  5/5
Genre: Orchestral
Label: BIS BIS-SACD-1662

Unusual pieces here, works from about the same era, some more convincing than others: Bernstein’s Serenade leaves me both cold and rather puzzled, but the Barber Concerto is thrill-a-minute stuff and Bloch’s Baal Shem brings a lump to the throat with its strength and sincerity. Gluzman, a phenomenal Israeli violinist, brings all the full-throated tone, no-holds-barred emotionalism and electric excitement that you could hope for. The orchestra supports him ably enough, but the five stars are really all his. 


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