Malcolm Arnold: The Bridge on the River Kwai

The epic World War II film won 7 Oscars including Best Actor for Alec Guinness and Best Director for David Lean.

The Bridge on the River Kwai

Released: 1957
Directed by: David Lean
Cast: Alec Guinness, William Holden, Jack Hawkins, Sessue Hayakawa

The Film: After settling his differences with a Japanese PoW camp commander, a British colonel co-operates to oversee his men's construction of a railway bridge for their captors - while oblivious to a plan by the Allies to destroy it.

Composer: British composer Sir Malcolm Arnold. (1921-2006) won an Academy Award and a Grammy for his score for The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957). Other notable film works include The Sound Barrier (1952), The Roots of Heaven (1958), The Key (1958) and Whistle down the Wind (1961).


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