An Interval Drink With Viktoria Mullova

Acclaimed violinist Viktoria Mullova joins Classic FM for a quick drink and a chat...

Viktoria Mullova

CLASSIC FM: What are you drinking?
VIKTORIA MULLOVA : Still water please! 

CFM: You’re playing Prokofiev’s Violin Concerto No.2 at the Barbican...
VM: It’s one of my favourite pieces for the violin. The second movement is gorgeous – it’s so intimate it’s like chamber music. 

CFM: The concert is with the LSO under Daniel Harding...
VM: The LSO is a top English orchestra and Daniel is an interesting musician – I’m looking forward to working with them both. 

CFM: You’re also performing at LSO St Luke’s on April 2...
VM: It’s with my husband Matthew Barley and his ensemble Between the Notes. I’m playing an exciting piece we commissioned called Knots and also some Bach.

CFM: Pairing Bach with modern music is an unusual choice... 
VM: Why not mix up the programme? If I was in the audience, I’d like to hear different kinds of music. 

CFM: What’s it like playing with your husband? 
VM: It’s very easy to play with Matthew – he’s very encouraging and tries to involve me in improvising. Where does your heart truly lie, repertoire-wise? I find contemporary music difficult to understand, even if I spend ages learning it. But with Bach, it’s a peaceful experience – I love playing it. You’re renowned for your period performances... I have two violins, one period and one modern, and I switch between the two. It can sound so much fresher playing music on a period instrument – and I like the challenge, too.


Viktoria Mullova

Viktoria Mullova Violinist Viktoria Mullova

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