Stephen Costello and Ailyn Pérez on their musical partnership

29 April 2014, 21:00

Stephen Costello and Ailyn Pérez at Classic FM Live

Classic FM's Jane Jones talks to the operatic husband and wife duo ahead of their performance on stage at the Royal Albert Hall.


The husband and wife operatic duo take time out from their busy Classic FM Live rehearsal schedule to share a chat - and a glass of wine - with Jane Jones.

Working together, living together, singing La Traviata together - and on top of all this, husband and wife duet Stephen Costello and Ailyn Pérez, both independent artists, are now making their Classic FM Live debut together.

Chatting with Classic FM's Jane Jones in one of their few moments of downtime in an incredible year, they share the challenges of maintaining a work-life balance when your partner is an internationally successful opera singer.

"When you have two separate people who are successful artists, they can manage to work on their career then work on their family life," says Costello. "When you have two artists who do the same thing, it's hard, because you're then you're then mixing your home life and your family life with your business."

Appropriately enough for a young, married, opera-singing couple, the duo share their thoughts on their favourite love duets ahead of their performance at Classic FM Live - as well as shedding some light on how exactly musical theatre influenced their choice of career.

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