Simone Dinnerstein - Bach with a vengeance

12 July 2012, 10:09

The American piano sensation who self-financed her recording of Bach's Goldberg Variations shares her passion for the great Baroque composer.

After self-funding her own recording of the Goldberg Variations, Bach-loving Simone Dinnerstein is back from the studio with a new album – this time, including music by Schubert alongside the much-loved Baroque composer.

It's hard not to be inspired by Bach's wonderful music, but it holds particular significance for Simone. She now counts the Goldberg Variations among her favourite pieces after her recording in 2005 kick-started her musical career.

Bach clearly holds a special place in her heart, but why the decision to include Schubert impromptus on her new album? Simone says it’s to do with the way both composers write their music.

“They came at it from different angles, but I think they both had a way of thinking about music that was very much linked to text,” she said. “They thought about breathing and imagery and speaking through music.”

The title of the new album, Something Almost Being Said, taken from a poem by Philip Larkin, sums up her thoughts about both composers. “I was looking for a title that would reflect this feeling that I have about the music – it’s about to break out into speech,” she said. “It’s talking without words.”

In her fifth year of intensive touring, juggling family life and a hectic musical schedule, she’s found the time to visit one of her favourite concert venues, the Wigmore Hall. And the programme? Back to Bach, of course.

Simone Dinnerstein’s Wigmore Hall recital, including Bach partitas from her new album, is on July 13.

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