This is what it's like to conduct the William Tell Overture

25 June 2015, 17:01

This GoPro video of Antonio Pappano conducting the orchestra of the Royal Opera House is quite, quite thrilling.

The Royal Opera House has had a fantastic idea: strap a camera to one of the world’s best conductors and make him lead an insanely exciting piece of music – the overture from Rossini's opera William Tell.

The results are, as you can see, quite something:

The Royal Opera House will be putting on its production of Rossini's William Tell from June 29th onwards.

Asked why this happened, Antonio Pappano himself said: “As we prepare for this new production of William Tell, we thought this presented the perfect opportunity to take audiences on a journey through this renowned piece of music from the perspective of our orchestra- something audience members seldom get the chance to see, but is at the very centre of any opera performance.”

“Through this, we hope audiences understand more about how we produce this incredible sound every evening, as well as the focus, passion and trust required from everyone in the pit.”

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