Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker: an insider's story from dancer Steven McRae

11 December 2012, 15:32

The Prince from the Royal Ballet's Christmas production of The Nutcracker, otherwise known as dancer Steven McRae, shared a pinch of festive magic with Anne-Marie Minhall, giving us a hint as to what we can expect from the dazzling performance.

Mystery, magic, and the beautiful land of sweets - Tchaikovsky's enchanting ballet score is an embodiment of the Christmas season. At least, that's what Steven McRae, playing the Prince in this year's Royal Ballet production, thinks of this year's festive production at the Royal Opera House.

"It's the epitome of Christmas, that sparkle, that magic," he said. "It's all there!"

"The sets, the costumes, the music, and of course the dancing, it's a real spectacular," he added. "Tchaikovsky's score is just breathtaking, and I get the pleasure of performing the grand pas de deux which I think is some of the best music in the piece, so I'm very lucky!"

The Royal Opera House Cinema Season 2012-2013 brings ballet and opera to audiences across the world in 32 countries, and will be screening the Nutcracker live in cinemas on 13 December. In an in-depth interview, Steven hinted at what audiences could expect from the upcoming performance, from the Royal Opera House itself or on the big screen.

Listen to the interview with Steven McRae

Photo: Bill Cooper

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