Peter Donohoe in our Wednesday web chat

The great British pianist drops by to talk about life on the stage and an important piano festival that's coming up. You can post your questions for him in the comments below now - and join him at 9am on Wednesday 18 March.

It’s All About Piano! is a festival that offers some of the world's finest pianists over dozens of concerts and discovery events. Between 27 and 29 March, Angela Hewitt, Mikhail Rudy and François-Frédéric Guy feature in events at the Institut Français and Kings Place in London.

See who's playing and get your festival tickets

In this week's web chat we're joined by a star of the festival, British pianist Peter Donohoe. He's recorded for EMI and Chandos, championed many lesser-known works and has played with an astonishing number of orchestras.

There'll be two pianistic treats from Peter at the festival – Messiaen’s evocative Visions de l’Amen for two pianos, when he will be joined by pianist Peter Hill on Saturday 28th March at 7.30pm, and then a solo recital of Beethoven, Debussy and Messiaen on Sunday 29 March at 8pm.

Before he takes his place on the stage, Peter joins us to take your questions on the piano, the festival and life in the classical spotlight. From 9am on Wednesday 18 March Peter will be online – so make sure you join in.

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