Pavel Haas Quartet


Pavel Haas Quartet

The Czech Republic's critically acclaimed Pavel Haas Quartet was founded in 2002 by first violinist Veronika Jarůšková after being inspired watching her cellist husband, Peter Jarůšek, perform with the Škampa Quartet. Despite the relative short space of time since their formation, the Pavel Haas Quartet has scooped a string of awards including the Gramaphone Awards' Recording of the Year prize in 2011.

- The quartet is named after the Czech composer Pavel Haas who perished in the notorious concentration camp in Auschwitz in the latter stages of WWII. The quartet is keen to stress that this is less a political statement than a tribute to a great musician and his contribution to Czech culture. 

-After the group's initial formation, Jarůšková's husband joined the Pavel Haas Quartet while original cellist Lukáš Polák swapped places with him in the Škampa Quartet. 

-The quartet has been mentored by a number of influential figures including the Borodin and Amadeus Quartets as well as Quartetto Italiano and Quatuor Mosaiques. 

-The Pavel Haas Quartet's accolades include the 2007 Gramophone Award for Best Chamber Music of the Year. They had previously been recognised with the 2004 Vittorio E. Rimbotti award in Florence, Italy in 2004 and in 2005 when they won First Place at the Premio Paolo Borciani competition. 

-The Pavel Haas Quartet has toured extensively across, Europe, the Far East, Australia and the United States. 

Did You Know? 

The Times has been moved enough to describe the Pavel Haas Quartet as "… the world's most exciting string quartet."


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