Nicola Benedetti on her incredible year and battling for education

Violinist Nicola Bendetti talks to Classic FM's John Suchet about her whirlwind year, and how she'll be spending Christmas.

Nicola Benedetti and John Suchet

2012 has been Nicola Benedetti's year. A Classic BRIT award, a Tartan Clef award, an album of film music in the pop charts and fervent campaigning for arts education - it's incredible that she's got time for anything else.

Fortunately, she managed to squeeze Classic FM's John Suchet into her busy schedule to chat about that amazing year. The awards, the music, her charity work and even her plans for Christmas - it's all covered.

But even the busiest musician needs time off. As Benedetti herself says, "I do have a little time over Christmas… I'm going to just be living a quiet life for a while!"

Classic FM talks to Nicola Benedetti

Nicola Benedetti

Nicola Benedetti Violinist Nicola Benedetti

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