Nathan Pacheco


Nathan Pacheco

Born in 1980, vocalist Nathan Pacheco is an artist who draws deeply from both his Brazilian heritage and the countries that he visits on his considerable travels. He is signed to the Disney Pearl label.

- Despite a deep-rooted love of basketball, Nathan realised at the age of 15 that a career in the NBA was not be his. Instead, a fascination with the Three Tenors awakened his true passion. 

- While studying music at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, Nathan discovered his cultural roots when he took up missionary work in Brazil. 

- He also travelled to Italy where he performed in the Opera Festival of Luca.

 - After graduating from Brigham Young University, Nathan auditioned for producer Ric Wake who subsequently introduced him to acclaimed Greek pianist, keyboardist and composer Yanni. He added lyrics to some of the Greek composer’s most prolific works. The resulting recordings and two subsequent television specials gained Nathan a wide recognition. 

- Nathan has performed with Yanni on a 100-date concert tour that visited South America, the USA and Canada. 

- Nathan has been working on his debut album with producer Leo-Z. 

Did You Know? 

Nathan not only composes in English but also in Portuguese, Italian and Spanish


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