Michael Collins on jazzing up Copland and playing his own concerto

Michael Collins talks to Jamie Crick about the challenges he faced on his new disc of concertos from through the ages.

Michael Collins

Clarinetist Michael Collins' brand new recording of three concertos is a canny bit of programming. Embracing as much as possible, Collins turns his attentions to an old warhorse (Mozart), a modern classic (Copland) and an engaging new work composed especially for him (by Australian composer Elena Kats-Chernin).

So what's the thread that links them all together? And how do you tackle each of these very different works in the right way? Classic FM's Jamie Crick put in a call to Collins to find out.

Michael Collins' Mozart/Copland/Kats-Chernin recording (Chandos) is Classic FM's Album of the Weekend.

Listen to the interview here:

Michael Collins

Michael Collins Clarinetist Michael Collins

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