Martynas on Lady Gaga for the accordion: "Nothing could be more weird"

29 April 2014, 21:24

Martynas at Classic FM Live

The Lithuanian accordion star talks to Jane Jones ahead of his show-stopping performance at Classic FM Live.


Another Classic FM debutante, accordionist Martynas has taken the classical world by storm after a busy year - he chats to Jane Jones about THAT Lady Gaga cover...

Covering Lady Gaga, giving new context to Vivaldi's Four Seasons and entertaining the crowds at Wimbledon - it's fair to say that Martynas has had a busy old time of it.

Making his Classic FM Live debut tonight, he'll be treating the Albert Hall to his unique take on Lady Gaga's 'Telephone' - definitely a Classic FM Live first. This unexpected treat is made all the more exciting by the Royal Northern Sinfonia, who will be providing their very own accompaniment.

But how does Martynas himself describe it? "Lady Gaga on an accordion with a symphony orchestra... nothing could be more weird!"

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