Watch Maria João Pires play musical chairs while playing Mozart

9 June 2017, 15:56

Maria João Pires plays musical chairs with Julien Brocal and Ignasi Cambra

Musical chairs meets Mozart


By Lizzie Davis

The amazing pianist shared the soloistic honours with two other pianists in a virtuoso game of musical chairs – all while playing Mozart’s Piano Concerto No.21. Impeccably,

Maria João Pires is one of the world’s greatest pianists, but she’s also no stranger to becoming the star of a viral video.

Some years ago a breath-taking video of her appeared online capturing the moment she realised **live in concert** that she’d prepared the wrong Mozart concerto. No biggy, though, she knew this one too, so played it note-perfect.

Now she’s returned to take the internet by storm once more. And it’s with another eye-opening performance of Mozart.

For an encore she returned to the stage with two other pianists – Julien Brocal and Ignasi Cambra – to play the composer’s Piano Concerto No.21, swapping over pianists mid-flow without droppin a note.

Maria, you win the internet once more.

Footage courtesy of Cadena SER. Julien Brocal's new album, Les états d'Ame, is out now on Rubicon Classics.

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