Tenor Juan Diego Flórez has a new music video, and it’s the most Italian thing that ever happened

14 August 2015, 09:21

Order a Quattro Formaggi and pour yourself a big glass of Negroamaro - Juan Diego Flórez is singing some canzone Napoletana, and it could not be more Italian.

Our favourite Peruvian tenor is taking a break from smashing out those bel canto top notes. Instead, he's giving us this delicious performance from his new album of Neapolitan songs.

The song is that classic Amor Marinaro - and here's what to expect:

Neapolitan meaningful glances

Wear a spiffing blazer, sit and drink coffee. Raise your eyes to that idyllic Italian villa door. You've got instant cheesy chemistry.

Juan Diego Florez coffee



Happy and dashing on a boat

Key tenor skill: looking effortless in white chinos on your very own boat.

Tralla la le la twirls

Close your eyes, sing with a natural smile and be the best tenor in the world. No one does a Tralla la le la better than you, JDF.

Happy sunset ending

A nice glass of Prosecco with two lovely ladies. And a top C.


How wonderfully musical. How gloriously Italian. How deliciously cheesy. Enjoy it all here...

And here's where you can get the album. Saluti, Juan Diego 

Juan Diego Florez Italy album

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