Tenor Juan Diego Flórez has a new music video, and it’s the most Italian thing that ever happened

Order a Quattro Formaggi and pour yourself a big glass of Negroamaro - Juan Diego Flórez is singing some canzone Napoletana, and it could not be more Italian.

Our favourite Peruvian tenor is taking a break from smashing out those bel canto top notes. Instead, he's giving us this delicious performance from his new album of Neapolitan songs.

The song is that classic Amor Marinaro - and here's what to expect:

Neapolitan meaningful glances

Wear a spiffing blazer, sit and drink coffee. Raise your eyes to that idyllic Italian villa door. You've got instant cheesy chemistry.

Juan Diego Florez coffee



Happy and dashing on a boat

Key tenor skill: looking effortless in white chinos on your very own boat.

Tralla la le la twirls

Close your eyes, sing with a natural smile and be the best tenor in the world. No one does a Tralla la le la better than you, JDF.

Happy sunset ending

A nice glass of Prosecco with two lovely ladies. And a top C.


How wonderfully musical. How gloriously Italian. How deliciously cheesy. Enjoy it all here...

And here's where you can get the album . Saluti, Juan Diego 

Juan Diego Florez Italy album

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