Star Wars played by one-man band goes viral

30 May 2014, 15:14

Swedish Street Musician


John Williams' iconic score gets a somewhat unusual reworking in this incredible solo performance in Stockholm.

Accordions, helmet-cymbals and hooters aren't usually included in John Williams epic Star Wars soundtrack - but Swedish street performer Anders Flanderz isn't fazed. In an incredible display of multi-tasking virtuosity, the one-man orchestra has brought the 1977 theme tune to a whole new audience by posting his unlikely performance online.

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Throughout the high-energy rendition, which lasts just under two minutes, Flanderz manages to rattle through the famous piece, playing the tune on a glockenspiel and accordion while accompanying himself with shouting, horn-honking, and a rhythmic drum beat.

While Flanderz is clearly a fan of film music, his other videos include a lively performance of the Final Countdown (complete with lyrics), as well as performances of his own music.

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