Jules Buckley on taking Joy Division to the concert hall

1 October 2013, 16:21

The music of Joy Division is given an orchestral spin thanks to Jules Buckley and the Heritage Orchestra, resulting in a live show called Live_Transmission.

How do you take one of the rock world's most iconic and fondly remembered bands and turn it into an orchestral project that sells out Royal Festival Hall? Conductor and arranger Jules Buckley has worked with an army of collaborators to turn the songs of Joy Division into an orchestral audio-visual spectacular, currently touring the country.

As he explained to Classic FM's Sam Pittis, the daunting prospect of upsetting die-hard fans was very real: "When you approach any band with cult status you'll initially have those niggling doubts."

"The one tune that we were obviously concerned about was 'Love Will Tear Us Apart', as it's the Joy Division tune that almost everyone would know. And that one really has been reworked in a range of different ways."

Listen to the interview below.

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