Harry Christophers talks Christmas and choral pilgrimages

We've been speaking to Harry Christophers, the conductor and founder of 'The Voices of Classic FM', The Sixteen, all about what has been a phenominal year for the choir.

Harry Christophers by Mark Harrison

Over the last year The Sixteen have travelled the world, recorded another album and embarked on another choral pilgrimage, this time celebrating the life and work of the renaissance composer Tomás Luis de Victoria.

Classic FM's Anne-Marie Minhall spoke to Harry Christophers at length about the choir's phenomenal 12 months and their many exciting projects for next year including another choral pilgrimage. Plus Harry gave us some tips on how to make the perfect mulled wine!

Watch our interview with Harry Christophers below

Harry Christophers

Harry Christophers Conductor Harry Christophers

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Harry Christophers and The Sixteen Watch The Sixteen embark on Choral Pilgrimage 2015

For their annual tour of the UK's cathedrals, the 'Voices of Classic FM' are this year taking a trip back to 16th- century Seville, where arts and culture flourished, and the composers Guerrero and Lobo made their mark