The Classic FM Podcast - 18 March 2011

The Classic FM Podcast features the week’s top classical music stories and highlights of our interviews with classical stars. This week Anne-Marie hears from the biggest classical music stars in the world including Harry Christophers.

Photo by Sheila Rock

Anne-Marie Minhall hears from conductor Antonio Pappano, Royal Harpist Claire Jones, Harry Christophers of The Sixteen, Irish dancer Michael Flat, and a review of Classic FM Live.

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Harry Christophers

Harry Christophers Conductor Harry Christophers

Discover Harry Christophers: full biography, news, features and music to play and download.

Harry Christophers and The Sixteen Watch The Sixteen embark on Choral Pilgrimage 2015

For their annual tour of the UK's cathedrals, the 'Voices of Classic FM' are this year taking a trip back to 16th- century Seville, where arts and culture flourished, and the composers Guerrero and Lobo made their mark