Exclusive: Gustavo Dudamel answers your questions

13 January 2015, 15:02

We spoke exclusively to hotshot Venezuelan conductor Gustavo Dudamel ahead of the release of his new Wagner recording with the Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra, and he found time to answer some of your questions too.

The flamboyant conductor was kind enough to answer some questions that you, our readers and listeners, submitted last week. Watch the video below to find out how long it takes Dudamel to memorise a piece, and the hardest part of his job.


During our time with the Dude himself, he spoke extensively to Classic FM's Charlotte Green about his philosophy when it comes to live music, the difficulties of conducting Wagner and how music can change societies.

Dudamel was in London to conduct his vibrant Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela at the Southbank Centre, and in his candid chat with Charlotte he revealed how he handles the orchestra that he was himself a member of in his youth:

"You inspire with discipline. Discipline is very subjective, because you can have really hard and strong [discipline] or you can have strong, light, fun discipline. This is the combination I do with the orchestra… I grew up with them."



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