Gustavo Dudamel on The Classic FM Interview

Named the 'hottest new conductor for a generation' by The Observer, Gustavo Dudamel was welcomed to Classic FM for a rare interview by Nick Ferrari.

Opportunities to chat with the electrifying conductor are few and far between. Dividing his time between three orchestras on three continents - the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela - it's not surprising his time is at a premium.

In a candid interview, 'The Dude' tells Nick about his future musical plans, how his family impacts on his career and of the remarkable Venezuelan youth project, El Sistema, which launched his career.

Listen to part 1 of our Gustavo Dudamel interview

Listen to part 2 of our Gustavo Dudamel interview

Listen to part 3 of our Gustavo Dudamel interview


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