Craig Ogden: 'there's nothing quite as nice as listening to the guitar'

23 June 2014, 10:00

Craig Ogden talks to John Brunning

Classic FM's John Brunning talks to Australian guitar legend Craig Ogden about his new album, 'Summer Guitar'.


With a brand new album, Summer Guitar, about to hit the shops, Australian guitarist Craig Ogden dropped by the Classic FM studios to tell John Brunning all about it.

Craig Ogden knows all about the sound of summer. His new album, Summer Guitar, is full of guitar classics designed to accompany the warmer months, including an innovative arrangement of The Beatles' classic 'Here Comes The Sun'.

As he tells John Brunning in this interview, he also tackles music by Bizet, Einaudi and Gershwin, but it's not just the established classics that he's concerned with. Alongside those stalwarts, a piece each by Ogden himself and John Brunning also feature on the album.

Watch: Craig Ogden plays 'Here Comes The Sun' live

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