Chloë Hanslip on her Classic FM Live debut

The phenomenally gifted young violinist tells us about her incredibly busy schedule and performing at Classic FM Live with Nissan.

Classic FM Live In Wales 2012

We were very proud to welcome Chloë Hanslip to Classic FM Live with Nissan. We'd been big fans of her recordings, thoroughly enjoyed seeing her perform and were utterly wowed by the young violinist's skills.

Being a little cheeky, we not only asked her to perform one of her favourites, Waxman's Carmen Fantasy, but also got her to join Karl Jenkins for the UK premiere of his new composition, The Peacemakers. Needless to say, we made sure she had five minutes to talk to us about it all.

Watch Tim Lihoreau's full interview with Chloë Hanslip below.


Chloë Hanslip

Chloe Hanslip Violinist Chloë Hanslip

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