Chloë Hanslip in Tim Lihoreau's Wednesday Web Chat

The acclaimed violinist will be joining More Music Breakfast presenter Tim Lihoreau on Wednesday 1 May at 9am - post your question in the comments below.

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It's hard to believe that violinist Chloë Hanslip has been on the classical music radar for more than ten years. She released her first album in 2001, won a Classical BRIT Award in 2003, and has gone on to record an impressive seven albums.

She plays a 1737 Guarneri del Gesu violin; how does it differ from other instruments? How does she decide what repertoire to record? And after having signed a record deal at the age of 13, what's it like to shoot to fame at such a young age?

If you have a question for the violinist, post them in the comments below. Chloë will be here to answer them from 9am on Wednesday 1 May.

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Chloë Hanslip

Chloe Hanslip Violinist Chloë Hanslip

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