André Rieu reveals clips of his new album, Love In Venice

André Rieu, King of the Waltz and maestro of the Johann Strauss Orchestra, has revealed some clips of his new album, Love In Venice - and John Suchet will have an exclusive play of the Lagoon Waltz this morning after 12!

andre rieu love in italy teaser

Videos of the Dutch violinist rehearsing music from his new album with his orchestra was posted to the André Rieu YouTube Channel, to the delight of waltz fans everywhere.

However, the waltz is not the dominant theme on this new record, as you can see:

André's not messing about with this album. Well, not much. 

Oh André, enough dancing, we can't keep playing these games… just tell us what it's all about! 

Ahead of the release of the new album, Rieu will be holding a special press album launch at his castle in Maastricht, and Classic FM will be there to cover it, direct from the King of the Waltz's house! Expect more Rieu-related content soon… 

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