Remember that time André Rieu was on Neighbours?

18 March 2015, 14:04

So this one time, André Rieu was on Neighbours. To celebrate the soap's 30th birthday, how about we relive the experience?

It's just a normal day in Ramsay Street

Paul Robinson has royally cheesed off Rebecca, so he sets about trying to mend the situation. You know, by producing André Rieu out of thin air. And doesn't she look delighted about it?

André gets to show off his acting chops

He delves into the back seat of one of his smaller limousines, and produces his Stradivarius. This is already so much better than Harold Bishop playing the tuba.

Then the whole street turns up for a waltz

Susan, Toadie, Lucas… that guy who was married to Libby for a bit… all the classics.


Watch the whole majestic thing here:

"We've been friends ever since." Of course you have, Paul. Of course you have.

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