Mutter does Previn proud

André Previn leads the LSO and Boston Symphony Orchestra in his own violin concerto, beautifully performed by Anne-Sophie Mutter

Composer:  André Previn
Repertoire:  Violin Concerto
Artists: Anne-Sophie Mutter (violin); Boston Symphony Orchestra, LSO/Previn
Rating: 5/5
Genre: Orchestral/Instrumental
Label: DG 474 500-2

The CD booklet is essentially a photoshoot of the happy couple, and no wonder Previn looks pleased, because his wife’s playing of his concerto is as wonderful as she looks. It’s a fine work – superbly written for Mutter, maybe a touch over-lush and jokey in the outer movements, but seriously impressive in the darker second. Bernstein’s warmly inventive Serenade, which also features, thrives on Mutter’s lustrous, gloss-free musicianship.

André Previn

André Previn Pianist, Conductor and Composer André Previn

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