Alison Balsom plays 'The Way You Look Tonight'


Alison Balsom plays 'The Way You Look Tonight'

The encore from her Bristol Proms show was typically super-cool.


Alison Balsom shows off her jazz credentials with this neat little arrangement of a well-loved standard.

It's the end of the night, you've done a whole programme of experimental trumpet works - what's left to do? For her Bristol Proms show, Alison Balsom turned to Jerome Kern's classic 'The Way You Look Tonight' to wind the evening down after running the gamut from Britten fanfares to Baroque concertos.

As you can hear from the roar at the end, it was a thoroughly welcome encore to a late-night gig that could've gone on much longer. We asked her all about it before she went on stage:


Alison Balsom explains 'Late-Night Trumpet'

We caught up with the trumpeter backstage at the Bristol Proms.


Performance video credit: As Described, for Bristol Proms 2015


Chad Kelly - Harpsichord/Keyboard
Laurence Ungless - Bass
Ross Brown - Trumpet
Adam Wright - Trumpet
Jonathan French - Drums

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