Alfie Boe’s rock star dreams

Classical music? Rock? Blues? It doesn't matter what genre it's from, as long as it's good, says the opera singer.

Alfie Boe on Tour

From humble car mechanic to international opera star, tenor Alfie Boe’s rise to fame is truly remarkable. He always dreamed of being a singer, but in quite a different genre!

“I always had daydreams of being a rock star or being a popular singer, you know, standing in front of a mirror with a hair brush, playing imaginary guitar – that sort of thing,” he said.

But opera isn’t as far removed from rock as you might think – for Alfie, it’s about good music, irrespective of genre.

“What I try and do now is just introduce people to good music and show that there aren’t any boundaries between these genres.  There’s no difference between country, and folk, and blues, and opera,” he said.

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Alfie Boe

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