Alfie Boe on breaking America, iPod playlists and pants on stage

Classic FM's Jamie Crick spoke to superstar tenor Alfie Boe as he releases his new album, Storyteller, and finds out exactly what was thrown at him on stage in Chicago earlier this year…

Alfie Boe on Tour

Tenor Alfie Boe has had yet another whirlwind year, including a book, a US tour and a new album of pop covers. 'Storyteller' sees Boe take on classics like 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' rather than the operatic repertoire he's usually associated with.

Far from giving up on opera, though, Boe is keen to emphasise that the door is open: "There's a lot of people out there that think I hate opera… but I don't think it'll ever really be out of my repertoire."

Classic FM's Jamie Crick spoke to Alfie about his recent tour of the US, what's on his iPod and how one show in Chicago saw him get something a little different to the usual flowers thrown on stage…

Listen to the interview below.

Alfie Boe

Alfie Boe Tenor Alfie Boe

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