Alfie Boe answers audience member's phone during concert

Alfie Boe surprised an audience member at his concert in Cardiff by talking to their mother on the phone during the show after her mobile phone rang.

Alfie Boe on Tour

On hearing the phone go off, the superstar tenor asked the owner if he could see the phone. He then pressed redial and called the audience member's mother back, putting her on speakerphone so the whole audience could hear.

Boe told the Yorkshire Post: "Just as I was introducing the next song, I heard a loud ringing noise, and spotted a woman trying to switch off her phone… So I walked down into the audience, made my way along her row, and introduced myself. I asked if I could have a look at her phone and pressed the redial button. It started buzzing at the other end."

The tenor then had a brief conversation with her mother: "I told her that I was Alfie Boe, that I was in the middle of a show, and that her daughter was standing right next to me."

The news comes weeks after conductor Michael Tilson Thomas stopped a performance of Mahler's 9th Symphony to throw cough sweets into the audience in an effort to stop people disturbing the concert.

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