2CELLOS’ music video for The Godfather will make you want to go to an Italian wedding right now

4 August 2017, 12:51

2CELLOS - The Godfather Theme [OFFICIAL VIDEO]


By Lizzie Davis

The superstar classical duo have just released their new music video – of the Love Theme from The Godfather – and it’s got us dreaming of Mediterranean skies and lavish Italian weddings

2CELLOS have made a name for themselves with their unusual and imaginative covers or famous classical music and movie themes.

Their latest album celebrates some of the greatest music written for the silver screen, including Cinema Paradiso, Schindler’s List and even the song 'Moon River' from Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Here's a video from our exclusive session with the pair

2CELLOS play Moon River

The famous cellists play one of the most famous songs from the big screen


Luka and Stjepan (who make up the duo) are also known for their stunning music videos. And their latest video, in which they play performers (and possibly assassins) at an Italian wedding, is inspired by the epic Godfather films.

Just look at this setting.


Nice work, chaps.

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